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We can help you and your organization reduce, if not eliminate, workplace violence by learning how to “support people, not just their behaviours”™. To do this, organizations must first build a healthy relationship between and among all the stakeholders in an organization.

Thank you for your interest in The Mandt System®, the most experienced organisation in the world at reducing and ultimately eliminating violence in the workplace. As a company, we see ourselves as partners, not just vendors, with organisations who want to utilize the most comprehensive training programme available to do more than anger management or crisis prevention. Since 1975 we have helped organisations such as yours to lay the foundations upon which human services can be delivered and received, and that foundation is the relationships between the people in the workplace.

The concept of Workplace Incivility (WPI) is helpful to understanding and preventing Workplace Violence (WPV). When staff are “rude, discourteous, and display a lack of regard for others” (Anderson and Pearson, 1999) they are engaging in WPI. Organisations have a responsibility to address this behaviour, but often do not, and as a result, WPI continues and often becomes violent. It is at this point that organisations look for “the bad apple” without understanding that the barrel needs to be cleaned first. (Bowie, 2010).

The unique strengths and challenges of the Australian human service system has proven to be a good fit with The Mandt System® and all we teach. Our approach to non-coercive behaviour change has fully met, and in many cases exceeded, the standards of the Office of the Senior Practitioner in Victoria, the Australian Psychological Society’s guidelines to reduce the need for restrictive practices in the disability sector, the National Consumer Carer Forum “Statement on Seclusion and Restraint in Mental Health Services” and the Restrictive Practices Act.

For over 50 years, we have known that the ways staff treat each other have a direct impact on the behaviour of individuals served. The relational violence between staff is often the catalyst for the aggressive behaviour of clients, resident, patients and students. We can help you and your organisation reduce, if not eliminate, workplace violence by learning how to “support people, not just their behaviours”™. While the concept of workplace violence focuses on staff, it also harms individuals served. Decreasing WPV increases everyone’s safety!

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